About Me

By day I’m an IT Solutions Architect living in Brisbane, by night you’ll catch me gaming, watching TV, studying or geeking out in areas such as Opensource, Cloud/Virtualisation, Green IT, automation, orchestration & productivity. I love discussing tech, mentoring and delivering business solutions (hence my chosen career). If I can buy you coffee and talk through your challenges please give me a shout. I promise no ‘sales’; I’m trying to give back, and gain additional experience – if I end up helping you in a professional capacity, great!, if not then we can both hopefully leave with some new ideas.

My expertise

Cloud (Amazon AWS / Azure / Others )

If it runs in AWS or Azure I can help. I’ve done a substantial amount of cloud research & production implementations, including Web, Disaster Recovery (DR), on-premise infrastructure extensions and Hosted Desktop implementations (VDI) using Citrix, RemoteApp or AWS workspaces. Additionally I’m fully AWS / Azure Certified (AWS Certified Architect, Developer & SysOPS Administrator & MCSE Private Cloud) so you can rely on my capability.

Traditional on-premise Virtualisation

If ‘cloud’ technologies aren’t your thing , i.e you have regulatory or other concerns (security, governance), then I’m experienced with most on-premise and Data Center virtualisation platforms. I’ve designed and managed sytems running on VMWare VCenter (ESXi) 4, 5 & 5.5, HyperV 2008/2012(R2) and Citrix XenServer. My experience ranges from small business virtualisation (1-2 hosts) all the way to 100’s of hosts and everywhere in between. I’ve managed and debugged complex workloads ranging from high transaction database IO to VDI platforms managing 5000+ concurrent sessions with industry specific demands (Healthcare & Higher Education/Research.

Hybrid or Complex Systems

If your infrastructure platform doesn’t fit nicely in the usual ‘cloud’ or ‘on-premise’ architectures, an effective ongoing strategy & design plan is essential. I’ve had 15+ years experience in the design of multi-site, multi-technology geographically spread network and systems. I can help with problem diagnosis or ongoing design assistance.

Performance Management & Debugging

Large complex systems don’t run themselves in either the cloud or on-premise. If you’re plagued with performance issues on virtual, physical or hosted systems then let me buy you coffee and we can discuss how you may not be achieving optimal system utilisation – or worst still may be experiencing frustrated and vocally-unhappy users for no reason.

Security Design & Ongoing Management

IT security is complicated, fraught with regulatory requirements and risks relating to system uptime, Intellectual property and data exposure. My security experience crosses system boundaries and I can offer advice and solutions in a traditional or tech-agnostic environment (on-premise / cloud hybrid)

If it’s not listed above, chances are I’ve used it but I don’t want this page turning into a ‘keyword storm’. Check out my LinkedIN profile below for specifics. I have 15+ years experience in the industry and class myself a a certification ‘junkie’. If I can help with something which isn’t listed above, drop me a line via the contact button or any of my social media channels.