Today marks the 4-week mark for me working at Linux Academy. The time has flown by, and while it seems like a bit of a blur, it’s enough time to get a good idea what working at the company is like.

How I got here

For anyone who isn’t in this space, Linux Academy is a US based IT training business. As the name suggests, it started teaching linux - but has rapidly expanded it’s products to include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google, OpenStack and many other DevOps related technologies.

The company is based in Texas, I live a full 15-hours ahead in Brisbane, Australia - and logically enough that means remote working.

I’ve worked in IT for about 20 years, mainly in senior project and Solutions Architecture roles. Recently I started teaching AWS and related subjects, first at A Cloud Guru, for a while I tried going it alone, and most recently I started working with the guys ‘n’ Gals Linux Academy as a Training Architect - I create courses.

That’s my history-in-a-paragraph, so…

..What’s it like to work for Linux Academy?

A good place to start, is that I didn’t really know what to expect. My only real experience in the training space, or working remotely has been with A Cloud Guru. Anyone who has worked remotely understands that there are challenges even if you are in the same timezone. Working from tomorrow is a whole different ball-game.

The short answer

Working at linux academy is the best move I’ve ever made. I love it, and never want it to stop. When you do work you love, with people you like, helping people and you’re able to support your family - you grab hold of it with both hands and ride the wave!

I get the freedom to make technical courses on subjects I love, helping hundreds of thousands of people and I get paid for doing it …. as the Aussies like to say … ‘Amazeballs

The ‘slightly’ less short answer

The Team


From Day 1 everyone in the team has done everything possible to make me feel welcome. You might read this and think everyone says that, everyone does that right? Well maybe, if you work in the same office; things are different when you are thousands of miles away.

Everyone in the team has gone out of their way to be friendly and approachable, starting with general chat in the company slack, but also constantly offering any help they can. I’ve even got SWAG and not the usual ‘box-o-swag’ - no, I’m talking a penguin up to my waist! quality swag. (marvel at the bottom!)

My direct team is fantastic, a skilled bunch of guys and girls headed by Mr Tom Orion Papers Haslett himself. I’ve had some amazing team-leads before so he had some big shoes to fill, luckily for me the mans a giant (literally and figuratively). The content being created is amazing, and if that isn’t enough, the level of innovation, improving the craft of teaching is so exciting to be a part of.

The Product

oooo shiny!!!

I love what I do, I love to learn, and I love to help others learn - thats why I make courses.

But I’ve always felt restricted. To make good courses, you need a ecosystem. It’s the community, the platform, the associated material like flash cards, practical exercises, the things that are difficult and time consuming when working alone.

I’ve always loved the LA content - but now I’ve seen it from the inside, I can’t wait to get new stuff into the hands of the LA community. I’m really excited for what 2018 and 2019 brings as the platform gets even better.

The Support - the people who let me do what I do.


Anyone who has ever ‘made’ anything - audio, video, training material knows that there is a LOT of associated tasks that need to get done around the creation. Projects need to be managed, material needs to be marketed, a platform needs to be developed and maintained, users supported, technical reviews and QA completed, it never ends. In the past, most of that was on me - I’m ok at it, but I don’t enjoy it - it slows down the making of things.

LA have an amazing team built around the Training Architects - not only have they also made me feel welcome, but they are all REALLY good at what they do.

And lest I forget - the support team who keep the community and our students happy. I’m married to a support expert, so it’s not often that I get impressed by support staff. From what I’ve seen so far, the team really care and go above and beyond.

Company Values

Words and Actions!!

All companies function to make money. But they can do that in a good way, or with an indifference. One of the things which REALLY attracted me to LA was the company values, a set statements which everyone inside work towards.

  • We support others in their mission to learn and grow
  • We are committed to changing the world by changing lives
  • We believe in the curiosity to learn, the vulnerability to try, the persistence to succeed, and the strength of the community
  • We put our students’ futures first
  • We dedicate ourselves to pushing the boundaries of online learning

I feel like everyone inside really believes in these values. I can’t know for sure, but the important thing is I believe in them - and being able work with a group of people who also find them important is literally the best thing!

The Summary


I’m here until they throw me out ……that is all…..