Keto week 2

Today marks the end of week two of keto; that’s 14 full days of eating 20g of carbs per day on average. I expected to be writing this and explaining to everyone how hard it’s been, but in reality, it’s been the opposite.

Week two has been a LOT easier than week one. My energy levels are up from last week, making it easier to exercise and perhaps, more importantly, they are more stable, with less annoying variability throughout the day.

Keep reading if you are interested in details, I’ll keep the format the same as last week.


I’ve found this week to be much more comfortable than last week where I felt a little like a zombie. I said in my previous post that I didn’t have the ‘carb flu’ and that was accurate until about an hour after I published 🙂

I had a day or two with much less energy than usual. It makes exercise impossible, at least with my usual level of will-power, but then something magical happened ….dietary ketosis. Over the course of the last week, my body decided using carbs for fuel was a losing battle and so started to switch over to fat for fuel.

Ketosis is one of the core aims of the keto diet, my moving to fat burning, the idea is that your fuel supply becomes a lot more stable than eating carbs – you tend to have more ‘fat’ than sugar tucked away; I know I do 🙂

Everyone should track their ketones as a marker for when they are in, and not in ketosis. It will help understand how the food you consume impacts your body, and how being in ketosis or not changes your progress and how you feel. You can get a blood tester (see below) or pee strips – I’d suggest the former.

I can recommend the FreeStyle Optium Neo it’s pretty cheap and it can track blood glucose and ketones. You’ll need a different consumable test strip for both; glucose uses the blue ones, ketones the purple.

During the week I started at about 0.5 … and moved to 1.5+ most mornings. Anything above 1.5 is regarded as ketosis, and the tendency is that levels are lowest in the mornings.

Achievement-wise, getting into, and staying in ketosis has probably been the most significant thing this week. It will make it easier to continue doing what I’m doing.


It’s hard to see it in list-view, but there is a downward trend in my weight and fat percentage. Remember though, I’m not fat, nor am I overweight so for me, it’s more about general health and performance.

Screenshot 2018-04-30 07.29.29

My poos have continued to improve – I’ve moved to 1 poo per day, and they are all pretty solid (literally!). My IBS symptoms have gone away almost entirely which is an absolutely massive deal for me – I feel human again.

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

I’ve nothing to add for this week which I didn’t already say in the last post.

I’ve tried to add new meals to our rotation to keep things interesting but also, keep the successful meals from last week. It’s always easier to make meals the second time around, and reducing effort while on keto is always welcome, especially during these formative weeks.

If anyone is interested in the specific meals I’ve been making, these are the great ones so far:-

Italian Meatballs

Chicken Curry

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bombs (Amazing Name!)


Keto Taco Casserole

They are the tier-1 meals – I can cook those 7 nights a week and it would be a happy household.

I’ve also been making this pretty regularly. It’s carrot-cake, but because it’s keto it has the nutritional profile of a normal meal. It really helps to have this one in the fridge and it can easily be a substitute for any meal or eaten as a snack if you really need it.

If you have any questions at all, please add a comment, or reach out on twitter @adriancantrill – happy to provide more information on anything in this article, or just have a keto-chat for anyone who is interested.

Above all – share the article if it was useful, and ill post again next week with the results of week three 🙂




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