“Where have I been?”


I’ve been out of action for about four months.

I’ve stopped working with A Cloud Guru – I have no involvement with their business anymore

I co-founded Level Up Cloud but decided it wasn’t right for me, so I won’t be involved going forward

I’ve decided to create courses under my own brand with my own style – stay updated here or here. Details to follow in the coming days.

I’m really excited about the material I’m working on I have some ideas on how to make some really awesome training.

Before I start

I don’t want this to sound like marketing BS – it might, but this is serious business for me, in a very literal sense.

The past four months have been crazy – Theres been a lot of change for me, and logically many students of my previous courses are asking when they can expect something new. It’s going to be soon and I wanted to give everyone an idea of whats going on at my end.

Setting the Scene

Since late 2016 I’ve worked as a full-time online technical instructor. I’ve created content for A Cloud Guru, I’ve helped run technical conferences and appeared at a number of industry events.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been a thorn in the side of those I work with, because I have a very defined view on what teaching should look like. I believe in a student-first approach, in community building, a highly collaborative approach and above all constant improvement. It doesn’t always fit with trying to run a business around things …. And thats ok 🙂

Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time talking and listening to students; all while looking at the strengths and weaknesses of currently available Amazon Web Services(AWS), Azure and Google Cloud training material.

It made me realise that the online training industry is still in its infancy. There are a host of ways it can improve, and I want to help push this along.

Ok…so what now?

Creating online content is something I love doing, It’s a natural progression of my love for learning. I love taking exams and enjoy mentoring other people at various stages of their career. I’m pretty much an extreme version of my target audience – someone who wants to learn and develop and help others in the process.

So I’m still going to be creating courses BUT I’m going to be doing it independently AND I’m going to initially focus entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This means I won’t be creating any courses under the Level Up Cloud brand :astonished:

This is a HUGE deal for me – a massive decision. Understand that I don’t make this decision lightly. I do it knowing that it will allow me to produce better content, progressive content.

I’m REALLY sorry if that disrupts any of your plans, but better to be upfront about it now and minimise that disruption.

I’ll be making more info public on how this will look in the coming days/weeks.

What I’ll be creating

My content roadmap for the moment starts with AWS Certification, so that means:-

  • 3 x AWS Associate Courses (SA, Developer, SysOps)
  • 2 x AWS Professional Courses (SA, DevOps)
  • 3 x AWS Speciality Courses (Security, BigData, Advanced Networking)

AWS has released major updates over the past few weeks and I expect this to continue (GREAT TIMING AWS). So all my courses will be freshly-made with no baggage from older exams, products or services.

I’m 100% focused on this (well 80% but the other 20% is for another post) so the courses will be out before you know it!.

My Commitments

The online training space doesn’t need more-of-the-same.

Yet another AWS course isn’t going to set the world on fire, and that’s why I have a very specific set of aims for my new business & content: –

The business

  • I want to be completely student-focussed. That means no changes which don’t directly benefit the student.
  • I want to offer exceptional value. I believe in single one-off purchases and lifetime access. Subscriptions benefit the people making the courses, not the people taking them.
  • My aim is to be progressive, constantly reviewing and improving the way I teach.
  • I’ll be community-driven by building a discussion platform around my content – a learning forum. I’ll encourage student interaction, we can all challenge each other to get better.
  • And I’ll always aim to be approachable & friendly. Technical subjects are complex and I’d like my audience to be as wide as possible. Young or old, technical or not, you’ll find me approachable and friendly.

The Content

  • Always Up-to-date – There’s no point making something if I don’t also keep it up to date. As a student, be comfortable that today’s purchases will be just as valid in 12-months time.
  • Accurate – I’ll only create content for subjects I’m certified in. You can be confident it will always be accurate. This shouldn’t be a point of differentiation – but sadly it is!!.
  • Focussed & Targeted – every minute of content will be there for a reason. I respect my students and refuse to waste their time.
  • Engaging – No point lying, learning can’t always be fun, but with me, it won’t be boring.
  • Accessible – Learning should be accessible to everyone. That’s why I put in the extra effort to assist hard of hearing or visually impaired students, or those with a non-English native language.
  • Distraction Free – Nothing should distract you from learning. To ensure this is the case I will always deliver high-quality video, high-quality sound and high-quality content

What I can promise you is ZERO BS … to start with it’s just me, no marketing or sales people, no huge development team, just me making content. Anyone who’s taken my courses before will know what to expect – it will be more of the same, but with a lot of focus going into the above areas of improvement.

I’m pretty excited! I think I can make a difference with my unique style of teaching, and I want to help as many people as I can gain some great cloud skills and improve their lives 🙂

Stay tuned to Cantrill.io and @adriancantrill for regular ongoing updates.

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